When you take your child to the dentist, you might only aim for the regular checkup and cleaning. But sometimes the treatment asks more than that. The thorough checkup might involve a dental x-ray, which is performed to diagnose the dental issues which otherwise cannot be easily identified. They help to take the image of the teeth and bones and get to know what the problem is.

Now, these dental x-rays seem like a foreign and frightening object to the kids. At times, this scares the parents as well. However, one needs to understand that these x-rays are not only safe but also essential to diagnose a dental issue.

Benefits of dental x-rays

The dental health of your child is essential to keep his overall health at his best, but dental issues can lead to tooth damage and further loss to the entire health. So, it becomes necessary to identify the problem at the earliest and treat it. Dental x-rays do the same. They are mainly used to see the tooth in a way in which we can’t see with a visual inspection.

Furthermore, dental x-ray has the following benefits:

  • It reveals the hidden cracks and cavities between the teeth and beneath the gum line.
  • The radiographs can be immediately seen on the screen.
  • Early detection of diseases saves a lot of time, effort, and money.
  • Help to check if the jaws and the teeth are developing correctly.

Types of dental x-ray for kids

Popular as useful diagnostic tools, the dental x-rays display pictures(also known as films) of the tissues, bones, and teeth by using high electromagnetic radiation. So, the standard dental x-rays used for kids include:

Occlusal: Generally used to identify cysts, jaw fractures, abscesses, and the growth patterns of teeth, this x-ray shows both upper and lower views of the mouth.

Bitewing: It shows both the upper and lower lining and helps to identify the decay, dental infections, bone loss, etc.

Panoramic: Used for the viewer of the teeth; it can catch tumors and bone defects.

Periapical: It is used to diagnose problems like impacted teeth. This x-ray can also take the image of an exposed crown to the root.

Is dental x-ray safe?

Together with the benefits these dental x-rays carry, the parents carry a lot of concerns when it comes to having it for their kids. They are scared of the ill-effects of radiation exposure, pain, and discomfort during the procedure. Contrary to this, the method for dental x-rays is safe and painless. Moreover, the equipment for the process has seen so many advancements over the years, and it is now more reliable with the body apron.

Dental x-rays are a great tool made in support of a preventive approach towards dental issues. If one is afraid of the ill-effects, he must understand that it has more pros than cons. By detecting a problem at the earliest stage, you can save a lot of money and time and even prevent a long-lasting pain for life.

But still, let your child not need the treatment and help them have excellent dental hygiene by the right guidance.

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